Sunday, July 17, 2011


     Tall tapering coconut trees swaying in the lagoon

     Caparisoned elephants flapping their ears in tandem

     The cool breeze hugging in a tight embrace

     Nosing its way through the weedy green carpet


     In unison a hundred voices echo
     A chant rising and falling as the waves in symmetry

     Navigating the shimmering aquamarine waters

     Raising its hood majestically

     Up ,above, over and swift

     Its oars in absolute synchronization

     Causing ripples here,there and everywhere

     Loud heart throbs,drum beats and triumphant faces as

                             the beak pecks at the finish


     The SERPENT in a magical gaze enraptures the crowd in a                                                      frenzy.

                 This poem is an outcome of enchanting emotions on seeing the magnificent "chundan vallom"(the elongated beaked boat) race in Kerala's lovely backwaters.                                                    



  1. You made Kerala come alive in my mind!

  2. You have captured the scene in your lively lines.
    It was difficult to read with pale colors of the font agaist a blue background.


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