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                  Veni, vidi, vici

The conqueror and the vanquished
                                   Powerful and meek
                                      Master and subordinate
                                             Leader and follower
Yes, a winner and a loser!

Winning is awe inspiring, a way of life for others to emulate, overtake and become numero uno . Testimony to this theory are the numerous triumphant achievers in every walk of life, across a huge spectrum giving joy to themselves as well as pride to a nation.
The Indian Army ‘capturing’ the Drass peak
-    A moment of glory for the proud patriotic soul
The Indian cricket team ‘holding aloft’ the world cup
-    A dream come true for the cricket crazy nation
The brilliant odyssey to the red planet
-    Scientists at ISRO attain eminence
The World’s richest man  is an Indian ‘earning’ a net worth of over...
-    An Indian businessman at the very top makes us go gaga
The sensex breaching the ........ index mark
-    It’s a bull run and ‘sweeping the boards’’ are the investors
Sir C.V. Raman having a Noble ‘effect’
-    An accomplishment that is unparalleled
Mozart of Madras treating us at the Grammy’s
           -it is indeed music to the ears!
Oscar nights dominated by Bollywood
          -‘accomplishing’ the impossible are our actors
Mary Kom’s knock out punch
-    An Olympic medal ‘catch’
Arundhati Roy , the Booker prize awardee
-    ‘coming away’ with top honours
And so the list goes on and on.....umpteen instances of heroes and heroines who emerged victorious with sheer grit, determination and perseverance.“Winning” , undoubtedly is a conquest , an accomplishment of the best in any field  , a first in this mad race for supremacy , so how about  venturing into another dimension with a human touch, a competition where there are only winners and no losers?

          Love, friendship and relationship that bonds us eternally with no greed, avarice or heartburn, a triumph that does not pip anyone at the post or beat anyone hollow ,but on the contrary makes us, the mortal beings richer ,satisfied and contented.

      Ours was an arranged marriage , the traditional one routed through horoscopes and boy meeting girl sequence . A heart to heart talk followed in the midst of anxious and peering parents . In a matter of few palpable minutes, we had “won” each other’s hearts and the candid conversation led to the opening of a profound partnership , in progress , for life, accompanied by joys and sorrows like in an orchestra! Days and nights of sharing, giving and taking was a game on a level playing field with no vendetta or vengeance , supremacy or one upmanship. When my mother in law to be, patted my hand, I had “conquered” a sense of belongingness in the new family and she had “earned” another daughter! Along with this, came a plethora of relatives in the form of sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas, each one of them unique in their own sweet way, the package was one heaven of a deal and worth every magical moment. Functions within the extended family were filled with gaiety and exuberance unmatched in any field or activity!

    My colleague at the work place was an epitome of composure, timidity and sensitivity , paradoxical to the bold, flamboyant and extrovert me , proving beyond doubt the postulate that opposite poles attract! We were in perfect harmony , never crossing swords, working in tandem , helpful and appreciative of each other’s successes. A rapport that grew by leaps and bounds ,fetching enormous levels of profitability and productivity that no blue chip can boast of!

    A sea of humanity as I entered the portals of the University, in a flash, breaking the ice ,were two birds but of different feathers  flocking together  as if they knew each other for ages. Only that they were total strangers a couple of minutes ago, yes , strangers are indeed  friends whom we are yet to meet!  We became ruthless friends for life and the adhesive of bonhomie brought us joy, happiness and a host of other emotions that energized our college days. Together, we voyaged across unchartered seas, saw new horizons , nurtured new hopes and explored the labyrinths of the education maze emerging victorious . The time spent in the corridors of knowledge was sacred and sacrosanct and more valuable than the graduation degree , was the friendship which is a prized possession!

  School , our second home, frothing with bubbles of innocence , days of fun and frolic, learning the first lessons of life , fresh and presumptuous among the affable lot, is a bosom buddy with whom I learnt to pedal, to swim, to sing, to dance, to play and to treasure hunt. A sidekick who is akin to a thrilling trophy adorning and embellishing the showcase of camaraderie.
These are classic examples of  a win-win situation  for all, there are no losers and hence no regrets or heartburns. A connect that breaks all shackles of greed, desire for power and insatiability. Vendetta, hatred , disappointments, voids, challenges have no place in this spectacular win. It leaves the players contented ,gratified and appeased. The delightful years of donning different roles of spouse, friend, peer is a master catch that prevails over all trophies, medals, cups, scrolls, badges, awards and accolades! All of us are winners, always first in the race of life , reaping rich rewards and dividends.


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