Saturday, October 22, 2011


        I sat glumly on the delicate head 
         Deeply distressed, forlorn and uncared for
        Lifeless, dull and in Coiffeur
          Impoverished, desperately seeking attention....

        To cure my malady,
          Many a virtuoso deliberated
        But all attempts futile, love torn apart
           Hairsplitting, on the verge of a breakdown....

        The enduring pain seemed eternal
           In the dungeon, a glimmer of hope and desire
         An aura of radiance emanating,
            In disguise of a " DOVE", came a bewitching Fairy....

         Gently canoodling the tresses
            With the treacle, worked her way like a wizard
          Each strand throbbing back to life
             Rejuvenated at the scalp, I bounced up in ecstasy....

          Back in vogue, permed, styled and set
             Many a haughty head turned
           Admiring the hairdo, going green with envy
             Adulation , was in full bloom....

          Felt, touched,caressed and pampered
             It was a new day in paradise
          The star studded tiara resting
             On the pinnacle of glory, in UTOPIA....  

Monday, October 17, 2011


One bright sunny morning, it just happened- I mean the opening of a FACEBOOK account, more as a measure to keep up with the Joneses.In the beginning , things were moving at snail's pace, I was a green horn and my ignorance came to the fore when I messaged my friend(oops I should call buddy!)through the status and the whole world came to know about it. Slowly I managed to learn the tricks of the trade.

The ignorance, turned to fascination which got converted to obsession and finally manifested itself as a ruling passion, I became a "facebookaholic"!

I was now tagging, poking, connecting ,reconnecting and socializing like never before. Friends and foes, who were scholarly intellectual, dimwit blockheads or plain ignoramus with whom I used to laugh, play, learn, hang around with,buddies who stood by me in my hour of crisis or who left me high and dry  were all jostling to share space with me in cyberland - I was infatuated by Mark Zuckerberg's innovative finding and literally swore by FB!

Life was so precious , as blue as the summer sky and  on my birthday, I broke all my previous box office records for the maximum number of greetings - my inbox was inundated making me feel young and bubbly as a teen would be!Wishes knew no geographical boundaries and poured in from across seven seas- from, pals who greeted from the bottom of their hearts
, some who were reminded to do so, total strangers who were friends to be and those who simply reciprocated my wishes to them . The good old moments were back again and the floodgates were opened for a torrent of memories. The excitement further grew, on browsing the wonderful photographs of old buddies- some who had shining pates and were paying the barber for searching the strands of hair on their heads, thin wiry folks who were now tipping the scales and roly poly figures who looked very affluent in their younger days appearing as if famine had struck them! Somehow I couldn't come to terms with the transformation from the everyouthful photogenic frames that was embedded in my brain.

Each one of them had carved a niche for themselves, become stalwarts or celebrities in their own rights making me to wonder whether to thank Almighty or Almamater or Destiny - all were success stories chartering their own paths ( don't know if it is less traveresed!) probably with magic wands.....The wide gap that existed once upon a time, between the topper and the dullard ,in schools /colleges was indeed a thing of the past.The stage belonged to all!

But the bubble had to burst, every peak had a trough, what goes up had to come down and I had to CLOSE the BOOK of FACES , take a sabbatical from the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- so I bid adieu and moved on from one oasis to another as something else happened on a bright summer day......

The counter is up and running for the 'thumbs up ' and 'thumbs down' on this composition , so what are you all waiting for ??? 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Stalker

To laugh or cry, to rejoice or sulk 
at this looming shadow 

Omnipresent knight... 

I am the princess 
and he the palanquin bearer 

The Sun playing truant with the clouds 
appearing when least expected 

Vanishing ... 
but leaving its golden rays 
the glare piercing through... 

To laugh or cry,  to rejoice or sulk 
at this haunting ghost 

Overbearing Phantom... 
can sense the masked apparition 
from the corner of my eye 

That palpable obscure spectre 
haunting me every moment 


For the defenseless prey 
like a crouching stealthy TIGER..

Monday, October 3, 2011

The best s(m)elling secrets

The aroma of freshly ground coffee for a coffee totaller like me- so very invigorating..aha. this word itself gives energy. Flip the pages of a new book and the whiff of that transports us to another world ... oh for that odour of the new bedsheet giving a hypnotic effect on my slumber ... Sniff the air around you when nearing a bread factory- the olfactory senses winds its way into your stomach ... Feel the earthen fragrance when rain falls for the first time on the parched land- simply heavenly...