Friday, July 26, 2013

Clouds in a hurry traversing the blue canvas
Myriad shapes appear from nature’s brush
Horses, polar bears, elephants and carriages
Transporting our gazes into mystical froths

Shaking our thoughts is the mirage
A blur of heat and trembling images
Leading to an oasis of new horizons
And dreams of life beyond

Mighty waves head with an unknown fury
Shores soothing the splurge to mellow
Taming yellow of the supreme power
Orbiting to dull orange of mellifluous melody

Dew drops pattern on green foliage
Palm trees swaying to rhapsody enriching us
Avenue of firs on Snow capped mountains
Glassy bubbles of prism hues bursting logic


  1. Very good poem. Portrays hope, amazement and wonder very beautifully.

  2. Thanks a bunch Maniparna for liking the poem..


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